Season#1 Collection Size

Send 30 ADA to this wallet address.

Good NEWS: Everything is up and running. The vending machine is brand new and minting.  Thank you, everyone, for your patience.

Wallet address: addr1v97zz778z940rtwye3jjcc9zpwudf94dn5ft6yq96lpjkhgule5ql

How to send ADA?

1. Only Send 30 ADA Per Mint
2. Copy the above address into your Daedalus, Yoroi, Nami, or Adalite wallet.
3. Do not send from an Exchange wallet like Coinbase.
4. Minting will be queued and depending on backlog this could take a few hours.

How to Collect on 100 ADA Bags?

10 Iconic Peep will contain a Lobster and Rainbow Watch. You will receive 100 ADA to the same wallet with minted Peep within 72 hours of mint.

How to Collect on 1000 ADA Bag?

Asset #0734 for this Legendary Peep you will receive 1000 ADA to the same wallet with minted Peep within 24 hours of mint.

When does the policy close?

Dec. 31, 2021

Are we verified?

YES! We are verified on, Tokhun and Artifct

Policy ID:



The Adventure begins:

Throughout the world, they have seen us come and go through the bathroom door watching our styles change over the decades. They have longed to change their clothing style but couldn’t until just recently. A spark from Cardano’s Alonzo hard fork the most powerful technology known to the universe gave them a special power to transform into living characters. Now, they have made their ambition to dress in the styles and fashions they have seen humans wearing over the decades a reality. Soon they will unveil a 3000 cNFT collection of fashionable randomly generated assets containing different outfits, skin colors, and background colors, along with rare items they have put together. We would like to introduce you to the new and in vogue peeps, Mr. Sharp aka the sharp dressed man, and Ms. Style aka strike a pose!


Stay tuned we will have a giveaway on Twitter of the Peeps Mr. Sharp and Ms. Style before our launch. Make sure you follow our Twitter page and share with your friends.

Supported Charity

We have partnered with an outstanding Native American Non-Profit Foundation established in 2009 located in a low economic Indigenous region  that is dedicated to giving back to their community regardless of sex, age or ethnicity. 25% of sales generated from Bathroompeeps NTF Collection’s will go to help sustain the services they offer.  Their services include, Community Enrichment Programs, Education Awards Program and Community and Disabilities Services. Please Visit their website for more information.






Non-Profit Treasure

Hndrxx CNFTs

Hndrxx CNFTs

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