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Who are we, and why this project? I’m a Jewelry designer and Coloring book illustrator for 27 years. This project will help support our Local Charity Est in 2009 to Enhance, Educate and Empower Indigenous people of my community. Hope u support our project



Many Chances to win BIG!

Only 3000 minted random vending machine style by Vanity Hndrxx CNFTs!  All will have the same policy number. (images are stored on a IPFS)

10 Peeps come with a *100 ADA BAG! Peeps must have a Lobster on Peeps Clothes and a Rainbow watch. (*100 ADA airdropped within 72 hours of minting lobster/rainbow watch)

1 Peep comes with a *1000 ADA BAG!

*1000 ADA included with asset number (#0734) will be airdropped to the wallet that contains asset (#0734) 24 hours after the Bathroom Peeps season one sells out. 3000 total NFTs will be minted! Must sell out.

Total giveaway 2000 ADA!

Each Peep is 30 ADA 

Check Twitter for Pre-mint cNFT GIVEAWAY!

The fun doesn’t stop there keep reading!

Collect Mr. Sharp and Ms. Style with matching color outfits of the same style for a free CNFT*

(*LIMITED to the first 100 verified matches submitted.)

Try to gather all six legendary rare peeps containing the lowest percentage values. Check the Rarity Chart for percentages. 

Formal Wear

Casual Wear

Swim Wear

To receive your free NFT airdrop send us the wallet address that has the “Matching Clothes Style and Clothes Color” NFT’s of Mr. Sharp and Ms. Style below. (only the clothes style and clothes color need to match, one from Mr. Sharp and one from Ms. Style, examples are shown above, the matching PAIR must be in your wallet to get the free NFT.) Have Fun and welcome to the community.


Another Collection and Giveaway Coming Soon!

The Adventure continues:
Mr. Sharp and Ms. Style have learned that Cardano has given them a SUPER power, they have transformed into SUPER ADA HERO’s. Their quest is to save all the peeps around the world that are stuck on the walls. They can travel Warp Speed in the Cardano Blockchain to get to their destination.  Shockingly they also learned that Evil Dr. ETH is the one responsible for all the peeps that are stuck on the walls.


Another Collection and Giveaway Coming Soon!

The Adventure gets real:
Mr. Sharp and Ms. Style find Evil Dr. ETH!

Stay tuned to see what happens next!